Bespoke Personalisation

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We love personalisation and there’s nothing more special than a gift that is uniquely yours.

Traditionally foil stamping and laser engraving techniques allow us to translate your wildest imaginings, or just some simple initials, into beautiful  details on a whole host of our leather and velvet goods. From handwritten love notes to children’s foot prints, music scores, pictures of animals, logos, memorable dates and everything in between, we’ve done it all; so get creative!

If you need a bit of inspiration to unleash the artist within why not check out our Be inspired page and see what’s possible…

When you come to purchase there will be various options available to you, for a detailed explaination of what each type of engraving includes read our simple guide to leather here and velvet here.

It’s amazing how easy it is to take and send us great pictures of your artwork. There are just a few golden rules to follow. Read our guide to getting it right here.

Now it’s time to browse the full range of products you can personalise. Enjoy!